For many years our competition has only offered a limited menu with quick service. We have never been satisfied with just the basic. Instead, we have served a variety of menu items.

We take pride in our satisfying, quick breakfast menu, a meal which has always been at a premium for people on the run. Our dinner menu offers you the flexibility of a fine dining experience, with choices of soup or salad and choice of baked or mashed potatoes, fries or rice at a much lower price.

We have always listened to our customers; when you asked us to serve breakfast all day, we changed. Here at Yellow Basket Restaurant we think our home-style menu combines a wider variety of menu items and affordable pricing that beats any other “quick-service” restaurant hands down!


Yellow Basket is committed to supporting our communities. We partner with a variety of school, sport and non-profit organizations to plan fundraisers in our restaurant. Twenty percent of the proceeds can go to your organization! We love our fundraisers — they are always a lot of fun! If you would like to partner with Yellow Basket, please email or call 951.301.8322 for more information.